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Applica's Response

In this extraordinary and uncertain time, Applica Logistics has coordinated with our suppliers to offer select products with quick production and delivery time to those in need. We support our healthcare workers and those in the front lines protecting us during these trying times. Applica will also offer a new range of office products to limit the exposure of the virus to those returning to work.

Applica Logistics:"As there is a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the world, Applica has become an authorized distributor of face shields to help everyone transition to new norms."

Click to Purchase our Face Shields: Applica Face Shield Catalog of Products

Kimball Health: "Kimball Health is proud to support the true heroes– the many medical professionals facing the front lines of patient illness"

Click to View Kimball QuickShip Products: Kimball QuickShip Catalog of Products

Kimball Privacy Screens: "Accommodate new ways of working by enhancing your existing products and blending new solutions into the workplace. Create space division and reduce transfer of pathogens by adding dividers"

Click to View Kimball Privacy Screen Products: Kimball Privacy Screen Catalog of Products

Click to View Kimball Floor Screen Products: Kimball Floor Screen Catalog of Products

Clarus: "The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is really important to us. Whether you’re a healthcare worker or government employee fighting the COVID-19 virus on the frontlines, or a WFH warrior looking to enhance your creativity and productivity, we are here to help"

Click to View Clarus Products: Clarus Catalog of Products

Loftwall:"As our world changes, so will our offices. Space division is a nonnegotiable. Fortunately whether your environment is a new build or a retrofit, we designed a product line fit for the job"

Click to View Loftwall Products: Loftwall Catalog of Products 

Enwork:"Always Ahead. Enwork has a full line of COVID-19 Rapid Response Products designed to retrofit offices and get people back to work quickly"

Click to View Enwork Products: Enwork Catalog of Products

Symmetry Office: "Now more than ever, our workspaces should be safe — free from distractions, contagions and anything that gets in the way of productivity."

Click to View Symmetry Sector™ Protective Screens: Symmetry Sector Catalog of Products 

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